• Иногда один день, проведенный в других местах, дает больше, чем десять лет жизни дома. А. Франс
  • Уехать - значит чуть-чуть умереть.
    Д. Стейнбек
  • Путешествовать и жить гораздо интереснее, если следуешь внезапно возникающим импульсам. Билл Брайсон
  • Это не люди создают поездки , а поездки создают людей.
    Эдмон Арокур
  • Есть только два способа прожить жизнь. Первый - будто чудес не существует. Второй - будто кругом одни чудеса.
  • Откройте, к чему вас страстно влечёт, и вы откроете, кто вы!
  • Любовь — это путешествие. Все путешественники -хотят они того или нет, подвержены изменениям. Все те, кто путешествуют в Любовь, не остаются прежними. Руми
06 Май

Один день в зимней сказке

Навеяно холодной майской погодой…

Suzdal  Суздаль

С радостью и ностальгией вспоминаю этот волшебный зимний день — родители наших английских друзей гостили в Москве и попросили показать им что — то необычное, типично-русское и недалеко от Москвы. Банально, но выбор пал на город моего сердца и души — Суздаль.  Я видела его  разным — и холодным и теплым, и в ярких красках, шумным  и и грустным, опустевшим.  Я люблю его всяким, и потому использую любую возможность с ним встретиться вновь. Для меня он всегда живой и новый. Да, это моё место!

И, похоже, теперь любовь к Суздалю не только у меня. Вот каким увидели и почувствовали этот уютный городок  наши английские друзья — Анна, Пол, Джеймс и Лидия.

 Suzdal trip Суздаль

A visit to Suzdal and Vladimir, Russia

We travelled to Russia in January 2012.   I was particularly excited as I had been to Moscow in the summer of 2010 and now wanted to experience a winter visit.

Our trip started before dawn with a ride on the Moscow underground system to the railway station. The train, high speed and very comfortable, departed on time and in just over an hour we arrived at Vladimir.   It was still dark and a minibus took us to our hotel, which was to be our base for the next two days.

The hotel, our organisers had selected ,was Russkaya Derevnya.   It was magical in appearance , snow covered and located near forest but conveniently close to the main road.  Dawn had still not broken so the grounds and entrance to the hotel buildings were decorated by what can only be described as “fairy lights”.   The buildings were wooden and reminded me perhaps of Swiss chalets.   The rooms were very comfortable and warm and the food delicious.   The staff were most pleasant.

Suzdal   Суздаль

As daylight came our party travelled by taxi towards Suzdal.  Our trip organisers had arranged for us to visit a local pottery on the outskirts of the town.   We were given a guided tour of the pottery and the processes explained to us.  We were then given the opportunity to “throw” a pot.  This was tremendous  fun and the member of staff assigned to our visit was very patient and helpful.

Суздаль  Suzdal

When our lesson had ended we were able to visit the shop and to purchase items.   As I type this report I glance up to a shelf in this room and there is a little house made and glazed at the pottery and looking very much like the wooden chalet buildings of our hotel.

Суздаль Suzdal tour

It is designed to hold a small candle so when it is dark the lighted windows remind me of the first moment I saw our hotel that morning with its twinkling lights.

Suzdal ceramic Суздаль керамика

Our taxi took us into Suzdal.   What a pretty town.   The houses colourful and cosy.  We had our lunch in a very pleasant restaurant and sampled the local drink of cider made with honey.   Very tasty and highly recommended.

We visited the Museum of Wooden Houses.   I must say that before we left the UK to travel to Russia, I had used Google to research these houses.  However, nothing compares with actually being there and able to enter the various buildings.   They were breathtaking and I was particularly interested to see men working on restoration as we visited.   Their workmanship was superb and to be applauded.  I also enjoyed the views across the Kamenka River.

Suzdal  Суздаль

After spending a very pleasant time we were able to walk and enjoy the Pokrovsky Convent and the St Euthymius Monastry with the Cathedral of the Transfiguration and the Belfry.   We were able to see and listen as the bells were rung.  A beautiful experience.

Suzdal Суздаль


One final excitement for me before our visit to Suzdal came to an end was a ride on a horse drawn sled.   This was something I had never experienced and will stay in my memory forever.  I know that I keep using the word “magical” but it really was quite magical!

 Suzdal   Суздаль

The following day our taxi took us back to Vladimir and we alighted near the monument built to commemorate Vladimir’s 850th anniversary (referred to locally as The Three Fools) .  In front of us stood the Assumption Cathedral.  Here we go again – it was magical.   The spire stood high and the top was surrounded by a light mist almost as though it was pointing up into the heavens.

A terrific panoramic view awaits at the rear of the Cathedral.

Vladimir Владимир

We walked down to the Golden Gates, one of the most famous structures in Vladimir.   The only problem is the traffic which is constant around the Gates.   We walked up to the circular watch tower which is now a museum and again enjoyed the panoramic views.  There is a water tower of the most magnificent architectural quality.

Vladimir  Владимир

As late afternoon approached, we made our way back to the station and travelled back to Moscow.

Would I go back for a second visit – yes, without hesitation.  A brilliant trip to be recommended to everyone.

I have to say that not a week goes by that I do not bring up the photos I took of those days and relive the experience.   It really was something special.  My thanks to Natalia  and Marina for organising the trip.

Suzdal trip Суздаль

Anna Dennis

Kent, United Kingdom

September 2012


Now I  very welcome foreign guests to join us for individual trip to Suzdal and its suburbs. I love this place and wish to share my love with you.

Please contact for more details and welcome to the most lovely city of Russia —  Suzdal!