• Иногда один день, проведенный в других местах, дает больше, чем десять лет жизни дома. А. Франс
  • Уехать - значит чуть-чуть умереть.
    Д. Стейнбек
  • Путешествовать и жить гораздо интереснее, если следуешь внезапно возникающим импульсам. Билл Брайсон
  • Это не люди создают поездки , а поездки создают людей.
    Эдмон Арокур
  • Есть только два способа прожить жизнь. Первый - будто чудес не существует. Второй - будто кругом одни чудеса.
  • Откройте, к чему вас страстно влечёт, и вы откроете, кто вы!
  • Любовь — это путешествие. Все путешественники -хотят они того или нет, подвержены изменениям. Все те, кто путешествуют в Любовь, не остаются прежними. Руми

Москва и Суздаль глазами миланского жителя. Часть 2

Moscow  Milano

Beginning of the story 

In one of days we took walking tour through Patriarch’s Ponds, Boulevard ring, Znamenka street, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Patriarchal bridge , Crimean embankment and Museon park, where we stoped for a food break on a fresh air . Wonderful place where megapolice and nature live in harmony.

Finally we stroll through the tulips of Gorky Park – another huge relaxing open air space in the center of the city.

Moscow gorky park


A few words about ALIZBAR concert , a group of ethnic music that we have visited next evening. The hall was full of people, no empty seats. No applause during concert to avoid breaking magic atmosphere. In the end ALIZBAR demonstrated session of harp therapy with one of volunteers. Concert was truly amazing and cognitive.

Alizbar music

Alizbar harp music


The last days of my tour in Moscow were spent in Suzdal, Golden Ring City, which we reached by train and a bus. In Suzdal we stayed two days. Here we were really lucky – the days we have arrived, May 17-18 —  it was Museum day and night . And all the churches and museums were open until late in the evening and arranged celebrations.

Suzdal Golden Ring Russia


Here among the most interesting things , we visited the Kremlin and the Cathedral of the Nativity and the Monastery of St. Euthymius . In addition, we also visited a museum that displays a typical old Russian village, all made of wood .

suzdal russia


In Suzdal we found a beautiful weather, so this trip was really beautiful , in fact, for two days we had the opportunity to go for walks in the woods and a beautiful view of a river that has made ​​it special . On the evening of May 18, 2014 , we returned to Moscow to say «goodbye» to Moscow and return to Italy.

Suzdal  Russia


In that moment I thanked truly from my heart my friend Natalia , who, with the particularity of the details gave me a vision of Moscow, really beautiful. She  guided me to learn many aspects of this metropolis , some aspects of which certainly alone I could never make .

At the end of this holiday I can only say thank you  for all the opportunities , advice and information I have got.

As for the city Moscow —  a great city with so many contradictions, however, that I found more interesting than I thought before the visit, clean and with plenty of opportunities for tourists of every budget. Moreover, in its magnitude has a subway that will let you turn it fully admiring the beauty of the structural and space stations throughout its vast territory.

Thanks Natalia and dream come back to Moskow for next tour.

Russia Suzdal